Comenia Script App

Application for little writers

suitable for children 4 and older

Children are enthusiastic. Comenius would be as well.
- Hana Raichlova
Children love it from the first spot.
- Iva Hartmanova
The butterfly show us how to write.
- Kristie

Applications for little writers, acquainting children with a new style of

Comenia Script was tested by the Czech Ministry of Education in a two-year trial project from 2010 to 2012, and has been approved as an alternative for use in Czech elementary schools. The National Institute of Adult Education (Národní ústav dalšího vzdělávání) has already trained more than 1,400 teachers in the use of this new handwriting at their schools.

Meadow Letters

The application “Comenia Script: Meadow Letters” is a game for the littlest writers.

In an entertaining way it acquaints children with a new form of handwriting using Comenia Script. At the same time, it supports freeing the hand (graphomotor skills) by means of tracing a letter (each letter of the alphabet) on the whole surface of an iPad or iPhone. That makes it suitable for children before they start practising writing Comenia Script in grade first grade, but even for preschoolers.

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